What is SendZEN?

SendZEN is a turn-key solution for small, medium, and large enterprise businesses to send mail (USPS) faster, cheaper, and with more advanced features than standard mail service providers.

SendZEN’s state-of-the-art technology allows companies multiple ways to seamlessly integrate advanced mail software into existing workflows, creating efficiencies in mail creation, processing and sending like never before.

Real Mail As Easy As Email

No more printing documents, stuffing envelopes, dealing with stamps,
or wasting time at the post office.

Step One

Upload documents

Step Two

Input recipient addresses or select a mailing group

Step Three

Click send and we do the rest

Immediately start receiving tracking updates as your mail is being sent out, whether first class, certified, registered or overnight. Include recipient email addresses and they’ll also receive the same tracking notifications and online access to the documents before they arrive.