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Save time and money by sending and tracking volumes of mail virtually without the hassle of printers, paper, stamps, envelopes, and post offices.
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Send Multiple Documents Per Mailing

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Send Each Mailing To Multiple Recipients

Save significant time addressed by sending a single mailing to multiples at the same time.
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Advanced Tracking

Each recipient receives separate tracking event notifications.

Easy Contact Upload

The system allows you to upload your contacts from Outlook, Google, and multiple CRMs to further, expedite multi-recipient mailings.

Track The Full Mailing Lifecyce

Automatically receive email notifications from the minute you send a piece of mail until delivery.
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Email Notifications

Users can also choose tohave these tracking eventnotifications sent to theemail address(es) of the mailrecipient(s) as well.

Comprehensive Mail History Logging

Aggregate piece-by-piece delivery tracking, complete mail history and comprehensive logging.

Mail Cost Breakdown

Obtain mail costbreakdowns, volumes ofmailing per individualuser or per departmentwithin the company.

Sending Mail To Groups

With just a few simple steps,SendZen allows users to quickly and drepeatedly send mail to a group ofindividuals or companies without thepainstaking process of printingdocuments and creating envelopesfor each individual recipient
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Create New Groups & Add Members

Add an unlimited number of contacts into a Group, name the Group, and send mail over and over to that Group.

Set Up For Cases, Clients, Patients or Customers

The Groups feature is a great way to for professional service businesses to re-mail all individuals related to a case, client, patient, customer, etc.

Proof Of Mailing

Users obtain an automatically generated proof of mailing under penalty of perjury from SendZEN.

Automatically Generated

Users can choose to automaticallygenerate and attach to theirmailings a proof of servicedocument

Electronic Return Receipts

For certified mailings, electronic return receipts will be automatically stored in your sendzen account and available for download for each mailing.

Security & Privacy

At SendZEN, we believe our customer’s data in any form should be treated with great care and extreme confidence.
With that core philosophy in mind, we partnered with a state of the art mail house where the security and discretion around customer data, printing and mailing is a top priority.
What results is a high degree of respect, caution, and secrecy around sensitive and confidential customer information.

Shredding & Encryption

Any document that gets printed and doesn’t go out the door in an envelope, gets shredded.Both SendZEN and our mail house partner leverage process pages that are encrypted in 128 bit encryption.

Security & Surveillance

Our mail house partner maintains a secure, limited access facility, utilizing time-restricted proximity cards for non-key holding employees. In addition, the building is protected by an active alarm system and multi camera video surveillance system.

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